Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Harry potter and the DEATHLY hallows

AUTHOR:-jk .rowling
About the author :- she told the stories to her children she has a hobby to write the stories in a book. One day a publisher saw her book and impressed of the stories and published them into some parts:-1.harry potter and the philosopher stone.
2.Chamber of secrets
3.prisoner of Azkaban
4.goblet of fire
5.order of phoenix
6.half blood prince
7.deathly hallows
Favorite character:-my favorite character are 2 members harry potter and longbottom because harry potter is very extraordinary magician also their parents were extrodinary magicians studied in Hogwarts.and long bottom is a good chArecter who helped harry very much helped in killing in the last hogwart .
About the story:-harry learned all the magics and the secrets of him and kill all the body parts[Hogwarts]and killed him and he planned to broke and throw the magic wand magic stone.
7TH “A”